Custom-Branded Teeth Whitening Strips + Light Kit

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Introducing the NEW Custom-Branded Teeth Whitening Strips and Light Kit. 

These whitening strips offer clinically-proven whitening results, NEW and Improved dry-strip technology for optimal adhesion, and superior user comfort!

WSD Labs USA teeth whitening strips are inspired by Goldilocks for a "just right" adhesion strength that prevents overflow and removes easily for a bright white experience that reduces wear time needed for brilliant clean white results. We promise greater whitening results in less time than leading national brands without a slimy, gooey residue or stuck on mess.

Upgrade your kit with our FULLY CUSTOM premium packaging!

Dental practices know that nothing creates a professional image faster than having your own branded products—including branded teeth whitening kits. So why not take your business identity to the next level with custom products designed to impress your patients, customers, and clients?

We offer premium, private label, at-home dental kits designed by Smile Solution Specialists. Our Teeth Whitening Systems are designed for easy at-home use, making them appealing products to upsell to your clients. Our whitening kits freshen up teeth, restoring them to their former glory and glow. We can FULLY customize each kit to create a personalized, highly professional effect.

We’re confident your customers will love them so much that you’ll soon be upgrading to even bigger orders.

What Else You Need to Know:

The six keys to an optimal whitening strip experience are:

  1. Ease of application
  2. Wear adhesion
  3. Taste and texture in the mouth as the strip activates
  4. Length of wear
  5. Removal process
  6. Noticeable results after one treatment*.

These elements are critical to a comfortable, pleasant, timely, and effective whitening experience. It is widely accepted that enamel-safe, dental-grade Hydrogen Peroxide is the most powerful teeth-whitening ingredient available to deliver the best results in the shortest application time.

The challenge has been to find applications of Hydrogen Peroxide whitening strips that are convenient, comfortable, safe, and effective. Early versions of whitening strips proved challenging as the gel strips were too "wet," causing the strips to slip off teeth and whitening gel to flow into the mouth in an unappealing slime.

Conversely, newer whitening strips are so sticky and "dry" that they become alarmingly challenging to remove. To solve this dilemma, WSD Labs USA conducted a comprehensive study of existing whitening strip technology to bring you a superior option of JUST RIGHT Whitening Strips.

We have used an ultra-thin Whitening Strip material for easy molding to the tooth surface. The Strips are sized for universal coverage and comfort on top and bottom teeth.

What’s in the kit?

Our premium dental kits are designed for multiple uses and include:

  • 28 whitening strips (upper+lower) - 14 treatments
  • 5-LED mini light
  • Instructions

What’s Customized?

Send us your design or collaborate with our talented designers to make these kits uniquely yours.

  • FULLY Custom Box Design (inside + out)
  • “Your Logo” on the 5-LED mini light
  • Choose your color of LED light: white, black
  • Choose your color of whitening strip packaging: silver, white, black, pink 

Benefits of our FULLY Custom-Branded Home Teeth Whitening Kits

  • New “Flip Top” box style with magnetic closure
  • Professional customer packaging to elevate your brand
  • FULLY CUSTOM box design (inside + out)
  • Clinically proven whitening results
  • Compact size for traveling
  • Convenient at-home whitening
  • Low minimum order quantity of just 100 kits

Multi-Use Home Teeth Whitening Kits

Our custom-branded kits are versatile and can be used as:

  • Free take-home perks for your customers
  • Branded merchandise to sell in your dental center or spa
  • Branded merchandise to sell in your online store
  • Branded merchandise for trade fairs and conventions
  • Free offers to entice new customers to try your services
  • Treats to earn after collecting loyalty points
  • Complimentary seasonal gifts for clients

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How does it work?

It’s easy! Send us your design or collaborate with our talented designers to make these kits uniquely yours.

So why not elevate your brand and business with custom-packaged premium dental kits?

Order Your FULLY Custom Teeth Whitening Kits Today!