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Spas and Salons Teeth Whitening Solutions

What We Do For YOU:

Your Clients trust you with their hair, face and bodies because you have proven yourself to care about them have served them well.

Imagine a new way to enhance your client's experience, reward their loyalty and increase your revenues at the same time!

This exciting new treatment option presents a perfect reason to attract new clients and invite existing Clients to Enhance their most important accessory—their SMILE!

Contact our Smile Solution Specialists for more information and a customized quote.


You share a most intimate bond with your clients. You've earned their loyalty by providing the highest level of personal service to them. Consider the time your clients spend in your chair and how you could both reward them for that time and introduce them to a professional service proprietary to you.

WSD Labs USA has extensive experience in in the most advanced Teeth Whitening technologies. Our Teeth Whitening Treatments are safe, fast-acting, long-lasting and FDA registered. Best of all, they can be administered chair side while your client is processing or enjoying a pedicure. In addition, Teeth Whitening Services command a premium retail value with low cost and minimal training required.

We can also help you produce Custom Branded Whitening Kits or supply Retail Ready kits for your clients to take home. High-margin retail items can be positioned as maintenance treatments between visits or even allow clients to enjoy a full treatment at home. Your client’s brightest smile will deliver a brand-new source of confidence!

Teeth Whitening equals high-margin, double income for one chair with no additional time required!

The trust and relationship you have already built will only be strengthened. The very first treatment is guaranteed to give noticeable results and that will translate to increased loyalty and highly profitable incremental business.


We SPECIALIZE ONLY in Teeth Whitening, Oral Wellness and Protection Products.

  • We are THE EXPERTS!
  • Custom Branding with Low Minimums
  • Retail Ready Whitening Kits
  • Whitening Gels Proudly Made in the USA
  • Clinically Tested and Proven Formulas
  • FDA Registered/ISO22716/cGMP
  • Easy and Safe with Guaranteed Results
Custom Branded Teeth Whitening Solutions for Spas and Salons