Above all, we are committed to safety and the highest quality standards.

We pledge to EARN your TRUST with the safest, most effective products available.

Teeth Whitening Products are generally considered safe and categorized as cosmetic products in the USA. As with all products that come into contact with human body and may be ingested, safety depends on the reliability of the source of the product.

WSD Labs USA proudly manufacturers all of our Teeth Whitening Gels in the USA and UK, under rigorous supervision and testing protocols to ensure the utmost product safety and efficacy.

Teeth Whitening and Oral Wellness products can be subject to government regulations in some parts of the world. Our products are registered with the US FDA and GMP Certified, ISO22716 Certified and Material Safety Data Sheets are available.

WSD Labs USA has done business in over 60 countries worldwide and can provide valuable guidance and advice to help navigate the complexities and ensure compliance if required.

Cautions, Risks and Liability: Products containing peroxides are not recommended for use by children under 16 years of age. Do not use if you are pregnant, lactating, or think you may be pregnant. Only use for periods of longer than 14 days under the supervision of a dentist. Avoid swallowing the gel or part thereof. Avoid contact of the product with the eyes. Avoid direct contact of the active surface of the tooth whitening product with the gums and/or salivary flow. If irritation (such as redness, swelling, soreness) of the gums or the mouth occurs, discontinue use and consult a dentist. The manufacturer and seller assume no responsibility for any usage of product. Users should consult with a dentist before attempting any at-home treatments and understand that there are risks involved if not doing so.