Amazon, E-tailers & Retailers

Amazon, E-tailers & Retailers

What We Do For YOU:

We understand the unique demands marketplace environments place on brands and are here to help! With the intensity of competition driven by the need to build traffic and convert to sales

your #1 competitive advantage is a unique product that YOU CAN MAKE YOUR OWN with a committed sourcing partnership!

Teeth whitening products are popular on Amazon. If you want to sell your private label brand on Amazon or work with any other popular e-commerce shopping websites, our history, experience, ratings, and testimonials prove our brand partners and their customers are highly satisfied. This provides confidence and assurance in the marketplace world of ratings, reviews and 24-hour response windows. We help our customers comply with the rigorous quality and distribution demands expected by major physical and digital brands.

Unique positioning is the how brands can avoid a race to the bottom driven by price algorithms. We add value to your brand through innovation, exceptional performance trusted quality, and products made in the USA. We are THE EXPERTS because we devote ourselves exclusively to the Teeth Whitening, Oral Wellness and Protection category. We offer trusted quality and our USA based operations ensure we are responsive and reliable.

WSD Labs USA will be your most valuable and trustworthy partner. With FDA registration and regulatory compliance, our products can be trusted to out-perform your competition and are customized to your brand for a unique value proposition.

We have a long history of providing successful teeth whitening solutions to national retailers including  

We are the #1 choice for high-quality teeth whitening products presented as store brands and unique proprietary private label brands. The product categories we offer have low competition, generate high margins and guarantee customer loyalty and repeat purchase.

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We SPECIALIZE ONLY in Teeth Whitening, Oral Wellness and Protection Products.

  • We are THE EXPERTS!
  • Custom Branding with Low Minimums
  • Product and Package Development Services
  • Whitening Gels Proudly Made in the USA
  • Clinically Tested and Proven Formulas
  • FDA Registered/ISO22716/cGMP
  • Assembly and Shipping from USA for rapid turnaround
  • Just-in-Time Component Storage and Production
  • Inventory Management and Split Shipments
  • “Your Brand” Direct to Consumer Fulfillment
  • Affordable Zero OOS (out of stock) Guarantee Program
Custom-Branded Teeth Whitening Products for Amazon, E-tailers and Retailers