Our Story

We are in the business of making people SMILE! We know how to solve for every customer need because we’ve been there! We learned the business of Smile Solutions from the ground up. Our founder Gregory, learned first-hand the power of a bright white Smile. Our early clients shared heartfelt personal stories about life changing moments and word of mouth fueled growing demand. Struggling to satisfy the long lines of people waiting for a new bright Smile, Gregory realized he could touch more people and deliver more Smiles, by introducing others to the Smile Making business. He created innovative, start-up business packages for entrepreneurs like himself to join the mission and spread happiness to as many people as possible.

As the excitement and demand multiplied, Gregory turned his focus to creating the best, most innovative and safest Smile Solutions and Service Solutions available in the USA. Today, with the partnership of a world-renowned dental scientist and a team of dedicated Smile Makers, WSD Labs USA offers end-to-end Custom Smile Solutions to businesses, from start-ups to consumer product giants. If our customers can dream it, we can make it happen! We specialize in creating custom formulas, products, packaging and services to bring more bright smiles to more consumers. WSD Labs USA also offers turnkey back of house services from inventory management to warehousing to fulfillment and beyond. Most importantly, we happily and generously give personal attention and guidance to help our customers avoid costly mistakes and find success making people Smile!

We are the #1 Choice for Delivering Safe, Innovative, 

Custom-Branded Smile Solutions 

for Businesses who Love to make People Smile!