Partner with Teeth Whitening Manufacturer to grow your Private Label Business

9th Oct 2020

Partner with Teeth Whitening Manufacturer to grow your Private Label Business

Partner with Teeth Whitening Manufacturer to grow your Private Label Business

9th Oct 2020

With the growing need for safe and effective teeth whitening products, you can build a successful private label brand of your own. Instead of becoming retailers for big brands, many businesspeople are choosing the “private label” route because it promises exclusive access to a robust product line, higher margins, and improved control over distribution channels.

But, establishing a successful brand of teeth whitening products is hard work. Even if you do not set up a manufacturing unit, you will have to take care of multiple tasks. Right from choosing the right set of products for your clients to ensuring a steady supply chain, every decision will set you on the right path to success.

Complete Business Solutions to take your Private Label Brand from Concept to Shelf

To make things simpler, you need to have an expert at your beck and call. Instead of hiring a business consultant, take advantage of unique solutions offered by the manufacturer.

Nowadays, teeth whitening products manufacturing companies do more than just sell products. As your partners, they offer unique supply chain management solutions to help you grow your business. Their services include everything from general business solutions to production, order fulfilment, and inventory management options.

  1. General Business Solutions

As teeth whitening products fall under the category of health and wellness, they are subjected to several government regulations across the world. You need to ensure that the products are safe & effective as well as comply with the legal guidelines. It is imperative to choose an ethical teeth whitening manufacturer who can help you navigate the complexities, offer regulatory guidance, and provide ingredient information for better transparency in the form of general business solutions.

It is ideal to choose teeth whitening products that are FDA-registered and cGMP-approved. An ISO certificate will enhance the trustworthiness of your private label brand.

  1. Marketing Support

The main benefit of the teeth whitening business is its low threshold entry. You do not need to have formal education in dental medicine or dental surgery. Nor do you require a business degree to set up your business. Teeth whitening is simple and anyone can sell private label dental whitening products.

Many manufacturing companies guide new entrepreneurs and help them build successful private label teeth whitening brand. You can benefit from marketing support and educational insights from the manufacturer. By learning more about the teeth whitening ingredients and the procedure, you will be able to increase your customer base.

  1. Production Solutions

The business of teeth whitening works on getting the pulse of your customers and offering products that address their needs. By enabling production services from the teeth whitening products manufacturer, you will be able to outsource an important part of supply chain management and divert your attention towards market research.

The manufacturer will manage the sourcing of custom ingredients and ensure production & package development according to your specifications. It is ideal for dental professionals who require specific product formulation for their patients. The company will also take care of product assembly and private label packaging to save you from the task of assembling the products on your own.

  1. Inventory Management

When it comes to private label teeth whitening products, businessmen often have to face the issue of high minimum order requirements (MOQ). It leads to the unnecessary stocking of products, higher cost of warehousing space, plus puts a strain on cash flow. Wouldn't it be better if the manufacturer offered low MOQs along with inventory management and warehousing solutions?

Modern-day teeth whitening manufacturers stock components & ingredients, promise on-demand production, offer seasonal storage options and manage shipment on behalf of the private label seller. By choosing an experienced company to handle inventory and warehouse, you will be able to ensure smooth operations and quick delivery to your customers without the problem of stock-outs. It will also improve the ROI of your business.

  1. Fulfilment Solutions

Whether you want to sell your private label teeth whitening products at your dental clinic, ship directly to your international customer or introduce your brand in retail stores across the country, there are many ways to establish your business. Instead of leasing a fulfilment center or hiring a third-party logistics provider for fulfilling customer orders, you can assign the responsibility to the teeth whitening manufacturer.

As the manufacturer and the order fulfilment provider are the same, it will ensure seamless integration of the process. To save you money, reduce order fulfilment errors and decrease average cycle time, make sure that the manufacturer has a trained logistics team to provide you with the optimum order fulfilment solutions including comprehensive reverse logistics capabilities.

Your Partner in the Teeth Whitening Industry!

Whether you own a dental clinic, a spa/wellness center, or a teeth whitening clinic, your business needs will depend on your goals and clientele. Even if you are selling teeth whitening products on Amazon or introducing your brand at the local department store, you will need a manufacturer who not only provides private label teeth whitening products but also offers customized business solutions to suit your needs.

Remember the manufacturing company will not only be your supplier but it will also be your partner in the teeth whitening industry. And, with the help of your partner’s expert assistance, you will be able to take your private label brand from concept to shelf in no time.

Do you need inventory and warehousing solutions? Are you looking for direct consumer fulfilment options? Do you need help with expanding your product line? WSD Labs USA is here to help you build a successful private label teeth whitening brand. Get in touch with us to discuss your goals and plans for the new venture.

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