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 What is Shrink Wrapping:

  • Shrink wrap is a material made up of a clear, polymer plastic film. When heat is applied, it shrinks tightly over the product it is covering. It is commonly used as an overwrap on many types of packaging to stabilize/secure the products, unitize them and keep them clean.

Benefits of Shrink Wrapping:

  • Durability: The plastic film used in shrink wrap provides is high quality and makes it difficult to damage the products within. This makes it ideal for products that require transportation. Shrink wrapping provides more protection than a security sticker.
  • Protection: Shrink wrap can protect almost any size item and make sure it is securely packaged. It fully protects enclosed items from harmful factors such as moisture, dirt and dust. Shrink wrapping products encloses items tightly while still holding it in one place.
  • Safe: Products enclosed in shrink wrap are tamper resistant and the items inside cannot be easily removed without being noticed.
  • Cost Effectiveness: Shrink wrap is very affordable compared to other methods of packaging. Shrink wrapped products do not take up a lot of space in storage, warehouses, etc. because the plastic film shrinks and encloses tightly to the product.
  • Great Appearance: Shrink wrapping provides a clear, professional, put-together look. It adds value to any product and a great visual appeal.

Why Would Someone Shrinkwrap?

  • Shrink wrapping is significantly more affordable than other packaging methods, it protects products from humidity, dust and dirt. Shrink wrapping adds an overall finished, professional appearance to any product.

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MOQ: 1,000 Pieces