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What It Is:

A GAME- CHANGER in Teeth Whitening Science! Our patent-pending CLEAN WHITE SERUM with power cleansers and pure peppermint oil acts as a soothing pre-treatment and effect-boosting partner to any whitening treatment.

What It Does:

This unprecedented CLEAN WHITE SERUM pre-treatment BOOSTS the power of any whitening regimen to deliver faster acting, longer lasting and true stain removing results that no whitening treatment alone can achieve.


The tooth’s enamel surface is composed of a series of closely packed perpendicular rod like structures. Because these rods are circular, they are not perfectly aligned and thus staining substances such as coffee, tea and red wine are able to seep down between the rods and cause stains. These sub-surface stains diminish the appearance of bright white enamel and over time result in discoloration of the tooth. Traditional tooth whitening treatments employ bleaching agents such as hydrogen peroxide gel to lighten these stains. These whitening treatments can improve the appearance of stains on the surface, but the gel formulas are too thick to penetrate deep into the enamel. Hence, hydrogen peroxide gels alone cannot remove the deep sub-surface stains, and this results in rapid stain rebound. Our new CLEAN WHITE SERUM pre-treatment acts as a power cleanser, purifier and oxidizer to loosen and trap deep stains. While stains are lifted, the CLEAN WHITE SERUM also acts as a wetting agent to thin and activate whitening gels to facilitate penetration between and beneath the enamel surface to lighten stains at the source.

What Else You Need to Know:

When considering CLEAN WHITE SERUM, the best analogy to explain its effectiveness is Laundry. Nowhere do we use bleach alone. Bleach and Laundry Detergent work better together. The two agents enhance each other’s performance by working on different aspects of the problem for better outcomes.

The combination of physical action, bubble action, removing stains and brightening the white deliver the optimal results. Historically, the conventional approach to teeth whitening prescribes bleaching agents alone. Only Whitening Solutions Delivered offers CLEAN WHITE SERUM, a revolutionary new approach to teeth whitening using complementary ingredients and processes that will super charge your clients smiles!

Ingredient Highlights:

Power Cleanser P-188 generates bubble action power to penetrate below surface enamel and gently loosen and trap stains.

CLEAN wetting agents thin and spread the thicker Hydrogen Peroxide Whitening and Carbamide Gels to help deliver the whitening agent below the surface of the tooth.

Natural oils and CLEAN wetting agents help prevent the dehydration action of bleach to reduce irritation and sensitivity.

Alcohol acts as a solvent to lift stains, purify and sterilize for CLEANER results.

Sodium Bicarbonate helps increase saliva Ph to >6.1 to facilitate activation of whitening. (Normal saliva averages a Ph of 5.0 which inhibits optimal whitening effectiveness.)

Instructions for Use:

1) Twist pen to dispense product.

2) Apply a thin layer of serum in a circular motion to the front surface of each tooth for a total of 3-5 seconds per tooth. Spend 1-2 minutes rubbing teeth to loosen the stains.

3) When complete, do not rinse. Immediately apply any teeth whitening gel to lift stains and whiten teeth.

Our Services:

WSD Labs USA can create your CUSTOM PRODUCT SOLUTIONS including your custom-branded CLEAN WHITE Serum!

We offer custom names, logos, branded primary packaging, custom cartons including vacuum form inserts and custom collateral materials. We also provide CUSTOM SERVICE SOLUTIONS from printing and production to assembly and fulfillment. Turnkey service and low minimums are our specialty.