CLEAN WHITE-JUST RIGHT Teeth Whitening Strips

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What It Is:

A CLEAN WHITE option in Whitening Strip technology that delivers greater whitening results in less time than leading national brands without a slimy gooey residue or stuck on mess.

WSD Labs USA CLEAN WHITE-JUST RIGHT Whitening Strips were inspired by Goldilocks for a “just right” adhesion strength that prevents overflow and removes with ease for a CLEAN WHITE experience that reduces wear time needed for brilliant CLEAN WHITE results.

What It Does:

WSD CLEAN WHITE-JUST RIGHT Strips feature a unique combination of Hydrogen Peroxide Gel and an innovative formula resulting in whitening strips that will adhere to teeth perfectly, minimize overflow into the mouth, deliver powerful whitening action quickly and detach with ease and minimal residue.

A touch of coconut oil and natural peppermint oil leave a CLEAN mouth feel, lasting fresh breath and WHITE results. CLEAN WHITE-JUST RIGHT whitening strips set a new standard for an optimal whitening strip experience. New Whitening Solutions Delivered CLEAN WHITE SERUM and CUSTOM CLEAN Toothpaste Booster are very effective companion products.

What Else You Need to Know:

The six keys to an optimal whitening strip experience are:

  1. Ease of application
  2. Wear adhesion
  3. Taste and texture in mouth as strip activates
  4. Length of wear
  5. Removal process
  6. Noticeable results after one treatment*.

Each of these elements are critical to a comfortable, pleasant, timely and effective whitening experience. It is widely accepted that enamel safe, dental grade Hydrogen Peroxide is the most powerful teeth whitening ingredient available to deliver the best results in the shortest application time. The challenge has been to find applications of Hydrogen Peroxide whitening strips that are convenient, comfortable, safe and effective. Early versions of whitening strips proved challenging as the gel strips were too “wet” causing the strips to slip off teeth and whitening gel to flow into the mouth in an unappealing slime. Conversely, newer versions of whitening strips are so sticky and “dry” that they become alarmingly difficult to remove. To find a solution to this dilemma. WSD Labs USA conducted a comprehensive study of existing whitening strip technology in order to bring you a superior option. Welcome CLEAN WHITE-JUST RIGHT Whitening Strips.

Ingredient Highlights:

Hydrogen Peroxide Gel in a proprietary formula to allow for perfect adhesion and delivery of whitening strips.

Whitening Strip material is ultra-thin for easy molding to tooth surface.

Whitening Strips are sized for universal coverage and comfort on top and bottom teeth.

Little-to-no sensitivity.

Natural Peppermint Oil adds pleasant taste and freshens breath.

Our Services:

WSD Labs USA can create your CUSTOM PRODUCT SOLUTIONS including your custom-branded CLEAN WHITE-JUST RIGHT Whitening Strips!

We offer custom names, logos, branded primary packaging, custom cartons including vacuum form inserts and custom collateral materials. We also provide CUSTOM SERVICE SOLUTIONS from printing and production to assembly and fulfillment options for wholesale orders. Turnkey service and low minimums are our specialty.